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New Feature: Say Hello to Campaign Cross-Sells

March 22, 2016 0 Comments new feature

Today we're launching campaign cross-sells, a great way to sell customers products that are complementary to what they have already bought.

We will recommend related and popular campaigns that are on your storefront. Simply add a campaign to your storefront and help us determine relevancy by adding tags. We automate the rest for you!

How It Works

GearLaunch Storefront GearLaunch Tags

1. Add the "storefront" tag in the Campaign Settings to add a campaign to your storefront.
2. To help increase the relevancy of our recommendations, add common tags to related campaigns.
3. We will handle the rest. On the purchase confirmation page, we will recommend related and popular campaigns.

For example:
If a customer makes a purchase on a campaign with the tags “dog” and “football”, the system first checks for other campaigns with the tags “dog” and/or “football” and then checks for campaign popularity. In other words, we’ll recommend up to three campaigns based on the following criteria:

  1. We’ll first recommend other campaigns with both the “dog” and “football” tags, in order of popularity.
  2. If we don’t yet have three campaigns, we’ll then recommend campaigns with either the “dog” or “football” tag, in order of popularity.
  3. Lastly, we’ll recommend your most popular campaigns.

By using both relevancy and popularity in our recommendations, it should help to optimize for click-throughs and additional purchases.

We’re excited to deliver this feature to you and look forward to your feedback!

Mandy Hong
San Francisco, CA Website
Mandy Hong loves helping entrepreneurs build, launch, and grow their business. She is the Director of Marketing at GearLaunch.