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GearLaunch Holiday 2016 Gifts: $3.30 per Unit (DTG) Rebates and New Immediate Fulfillment Feature

September 30, 2016 0 Comments

At GearLaunch, we’re ringing in the holidays early with a couple of gifts exclusively for GearLaunch Partners and their customers.

Starting today until the end of 2016, all GearLaunch Partners will enjoy a rebate of up to $3.30 per unit on the base cost of all DTG orders, with select reductions on screenprints. Additionally, we’ve rolled out Immediate Fulfillment, a new campaign feature that sends orders to production right after checkout. These campaigns will take full advantage of your holiday rebate because pricing is set to a flat DTG base cost per item.

How do you activate the $3.30 rebate? What are the benefits of each fulfillment option? How will this affect customers? Read below for more information.

Activate Your Rebate

All GearLaunch Partners will enjoy this holiday rebate. All products printed via DTG will automatically have up to $3.30 deducted from the base unit cost.

Fulfillment Options

All existing campaigns are currently optimized for higher margins through “Launch End Fulfillment,” where orders are batched for production at the end of a launch period. These campaigns benefit from special discounts dependent on volume. This means smaller volume orders will be sent to DTG and benefit from the holiday rebate of up to $3.30 per unit.

Immediate Fulfillment campaigns are sent to production on a per-order basis with each unit benefiting from the holiday rebate.

On top of the holiday rebate, Immediate Fulfillment also better serves your customers because each order is fulfilled immediately after checkout. This creates faster shipping times for customers, which is vital to high customer satisfaction for online purchases.

Faster fulfillment time also means faster payouts!

We understand GearLaunch Partners use our platform so they can focus on the strategic pieces like customers and sales – not back office tasks like cost and fulfillment. With every new feature, we hope to make the backend of e-commerce more seamless. Our holiday rebate of up to $3.30 per DTG unit and Immediate Fulfillment are GearLaunch’s latest gifts to our Partners.

Interested in becoming a GearLaunch Partner? Contact us today!

Ngan Ton
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Tech enthusiast, cat lover, bookworm, and Content Marketing Manager at GearLaunch