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A New Feature to Check Out

October 25, 2016 0 Comments

As our Partners grow, GearLaunch is making the necessary enhancements to ensure we can support their success. In the last year, we’ve seen numerous Partners go from fledgling single t-shirt stores to established brand names with loyal customers. Those customers are not making single purchases anymore – they are repeatedly coming back to buy more.

We saw that our previous buyer flow could be improved for our Partners’ customers because we had been optimizing only for single purchases. Shopping Cart addresses the risk of a customer possibly forgoing an additional purchase due to inconvenience.

The purpose of adding Shopping Cart is to give customers the ability to purchase from multiple campaigns in a single order. For customers, this means no more inefficiencies from multiple checkouts and no more hassles from keeping track of multiple orders. For our Partners, this means increases to the average value and quantity per order, additional conversion opportunities, increased storefront values, and important data points for marketing optimization.

We have implemented the new feature for all stores on the GearLaunch platform so Partners will not need to take an extra step. However, Shopping Cart is a big feature and it will affect several existing pieces of the platform. Partners can read about these changes and more in our FAQ.

At a time when “instant access” or “on-demand” are now common, GearLaunch has seen that customers expect convenience with online purchases. Shopping Cart delivers just that with a better and improved buying experience.

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Ngan Ton
San Francisco, CA Website
Tech enthusiast, cat lover, bookworm, and Content Marketing Manager at GearLaunch