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How to Get Product Reviews for Your Print on Demand Store

Posted by Stacey Bishop on Dec 17, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Product reviews are essential for increasing revenue and watching your sales soar. So how do you go about collecting them and why are they so important for your sales? Let’s look at a few reasons why you need them and some quick ways to start collecting awesome customer reviews!

Why product reviews are important for your online business?

1. Product Reviews Increase Social Proof

One of the best ways a new online store can increase social proof is through product reviews. Remember, customers are looking for more than just product recommendations when they read reviews. They are looking for other customers’ overall experience. They want an outsider’s point of view, description, and opinion. Customers like hearing what others have to say outside of the marketing language used on the website and they trust other customer reviews. 


2. Product Reviews Build Trust

Product reviews are important for building trust with new customers. While your product descriptions are helpful, they will only go so far with a customer new to your store. The more reviews and star ratings you have, the more likely customers are to convert. In fact, 72% of consumers won’t make a purchase without reading reviews first. Product reviews are essential to building your online business. 


3. Product Reviews Increase Traffic

The Power Reviews Report found that 35% of customers begin their buying journey on a search engine. Google indexes product reviews and makes them searchable which means the more product reviews you have, the more likely you are to show up in search. When customers search for products online, product reviews show up with a link to your website and include star ratings. Top rated products with relevant keywords always show up first. 

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4. Product Reviews Increase Conversions

Once you begin showing up in search engines, it’s easier for customers to convert. With other customers reviews addressing their potential concerns, they are more likely to click through. Once they land on your site, make it easy for customers to read more reviews and continue to gain their trust which will ultimately lead to a conversion. In fact, a single business review can lift your conversions by 10%. That’s huge whether you are just getting started or you’ve been in business for a while. 

How to get more product reviews for your print on demand store

Now that you know how important it is to have product reviews on your website, you have the challenge of collecting them from the customers who have made a purchase. So how do you begin? There are a few easy ways to start those customer reviews rolling in!

Post-purchase emails

One of the quickest and easiest ways to encourage customers to leave a review is in your post-purchase email. As many as 86% of consumers would consider writing a review, so don’t be afraid to ask. Hopefully, you are collecting their emails as a part of the purchase process, so when you reach out for feedback, they’ll be more likely to let you know how you did. 

Incentivize reviews

Giving customers a small incentive to motivate them to leave a review is often successful for new businesses. Remember to be transparent with your incentives and make sure you have a system in place so only customers who have purchased your products in the past are receiving the incentive. Three popular ways to incentivize your reviews are:

  • Run a review sweepstakes - It’s a great way to generate a lot of buzz about your products. Many companies see a huge lift in overall review completion with a simple sweepstakes.
  • Offer free shipping or discounts - Many companies offer a discount off their next purchase if they’ll leave a review. It’s a good way to get honest feedback from your customers and a quick way to start building up your reputation so others will make a purchase. 
  • Create a loyalty program - People love touting their favorite brands and purchase on social media. Create a loyalty program to incentivize customers to talk about your store and products as a quick way to gain social proof online

Make it easy to leave product reviews

If a customer has to go through a lengthy process to leave a review, they are unlikely to follow through. It’s important to make it easy for them to quickly leave a rating and review. Leave links on each page a customer lands on so they know where to go to leave a review and include other reviews and links to your review page during the checkout process. The more opportunities you give customers to leave a review, the more likely they are to leave you some awesome feedback. 

Optimize for mobile

We can’t stress this enough, but make sure your website and review forms are mobile-friendly. It’s no secret that more than half of online shopping is done on mobile devices, so it makes sense to have not only your store be mobile-friendly but your review process as well. There are tons of ratings and reviews platforms that can help make it easier and most ecommerce platforms come equipped with apps so your review process is a no brainer for you and your customers. 

Display them on your website

All those awesome reviews you are collecting don’t do your business any good if they are hidden. Display reviews everywhere! You can even include them in the checkout process. Customers love being reminded they are making a good purchase decision, so the more often you display your reviews the better it is! You can include them on relevant product pages, on the purchase page, and even on the post-purchase page. 


Remember, negative product reviews are important as well. It’s a huge opportunity for you to show off your awesome customer service and often, negative reviews end up being a positive for your business. Respond with an apology and work to make it right. Listening to your audience is important for your long-term success. 

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