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5 Last Minute Christmas Marketing Tips

Posted by Robert Joseph on Dec 7, 2017 7:00:57 PM

Ho, ho, ho!

No, I’m not name-calling, I’m just trying to get you in the spirit of the season. The holidays are here and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably getting a flood of holiday emails and seeing holiday posts and offers in your newsfeeds.

And if you’re anything like most, you’re probably starting to freak out a bit because you don’t have all of your holiday offers lined up and ready to go. FEAR NOT! It happens to the best of us. We were so focused on Black Friday that we forget to carry over those promotions into the following month and continue riding the momentum of the hype train all the way through Christmas!

There’s still time to set up some holiday offers and reap the benefits. So let’s step into the the winter wonder-wasteland that is the holidays and jump on what you can put into motion to make the most of your last minute sales.


1.) Social Media Only Sale

This may seem like a no-brainer because you’re more than likely already running most of your traffic on social media. However, you’re probably not angling it in a way that shows the true scarcity; it probably doesn’t make them feel as panicked as you are about last-minute Christmas shopping — make this happen.

You have to be very clear on the start and end date of your special promotion, as well as the price they are paying, the amount they’re saving, and how limited the time is to take advantage of all these things. There’s no time to waste at this point, so they either want it or they don’t; move along if their answer is no. Let them know it’s for them and them alone, and that it’s going away as soon as they scroll past it.

2.) This is THE season for giving; not receiving.

There’s no better way to show someone you care than to be kind and to give them a ton of value. Becoming a business that's seen as an authority in the industry starts with a happy customer base.

This doesn’t mean you have to send a ton of free products to your customers and lose all the profit you made from Black Friday. You can give them a ton of value at no extra cost to you or your business.


Well if you’d stop yelling at me I could tell you! Jesus… (It’s his birthday soon)

Send your customers suggestions based on past purchases, interests, and cart abandonments. See what they're interested in and suggest some things to them in order to take some of the stress out of their shopping experience. This is a very stressful time of year so believe me when I say that any help will be appreciated.

You can even go so far as to add a little something extra for your buyers; something that pairs well with an item they've already bought or have shown an interest in. Create a quick pdf on how to properly use it or explain the benefits of using it. Look on Pinterest for infographic inspiration,  Google “create a free infographic,” then create one yourself and email it to the buyers.

Better yet, tell them in your ads that they will be receiving a free guide with the purchase of your item then include it in your confirmation email. It’s the little things that count.

3.) Offer expedited shipping.

Depending on what you’re selling and where it's shipping from, this may not be an option. For those who are able to offer this, you should be doing it all the time. Buyers are impatient, so cater to that while raising your profit margins at the same time. 

Shipping is a huge concern for buyers at this time of year. Everyone is freaking out about getting their gifts on time for Christmas and being able to finish up their shopping list as quickly as possible. Here’s your chance to ease their stress and still profit.

Solving a consumer's problem is always the easiest sell. From gurus to fortunetellers, there will always be someone searching for an easier way to get past the feelings of worry or uncertainty. If you can guarantee customers that they will receive your product in time to wrap it and throw it under the tree, you have already solved a huge problem and established dominance in your niche.

4.) Feature a new gift each day leading up to Christmas.

This is something I’ve kept to myself for a few years now. I’ve not seen any other online seller do this, so I have been greedy about sharing it. This year, I figured what the heck — if you can benefit from it, I should share it.

Social media is the fastest way to get the word out to your customers about new and exciting things you are offering. You might be launching new products everyday anyway — and should be around this time of year — but I doubt that you're angling a specific collection in a way that makes it “extra special” to anyone it’s being shown to.

Don’t use just Facebook though — really make this a big deal and push it to all of your social media pages. Get the word out about how crazy exciting this holiday promotion is and stuff it right up their… chimneys.

We’ve all had an advent calendar at some point in our lives — you’re missing out if you haven’t. You know...those cardboard boxes with the chocolate pieces that taste even more like cardboard; you open up one everyday and there is a special treat inside for each day of the month.

Why the hell do we like those so much?

Because of the scarcity and exclusivity mixed with the excitement of not knowing what we’re getting but knowing that we’re getting SOMETHING.  Limit the supply of each daily offer and never sell them again after that day.

Do what you say you’re going to do in order to build trust and excitement for when you have these sporadic special offers.

"You Will Never See This Offer Again."

Choose a collection of items that are similar, or at least make sense when shown together, and reveal one offer everyday leading up to Christmas along with a special price, promotion, or bonus that makes it worth the offer itself.

5.) Start planning earlier next year.

Sure there are a ton of things you can do to push some extra traffic and sales in the last few weeks leading up to Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start planning earlier to really stir up some awesome engagement.

Take the time to carefully plan out all of your holiday promotions while preparing them for any last minute changes or additions you may need to implement during crunch time. But since we’re already here, follow these last minute tips I gave you and make the most out of the last bit of time you have to push traffic.

Scarcity is a very powerful marketing tool that we use daily — so what better way to utilize it than when time is legitimately limited?

Merry Holidays-Mas!

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