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Update: Low Base Costs and Tiered Pricing

February 07, 2017 0 Comments

Something major is brewing behind the scenes at GearLaunch: lower base costs and a tiered pricing structure! Partners can go log into their admin dashboards for new pricing details.

For our curious readers, we’re rolling out a new tiered system to benefit businesses of all sizes in several ways:

  • Offer industry leading prices and services – GearLaunch has and always will maintain top-quality service offerings. One of the first concerns we had about discounting prices is cutting into the quality of our craft. However, by carefully considering the value and rewards of each tier, we’re able to work out a structure that accommodates industry-leading prices while still maintaining the high level of service you’ve always expected. A tiered system rewards everyone – sell more, save more.

  • Provide better product pricing transparency – In our previous efforts to give every Partner the best possible prices, we ended up with a complex model based on color counts and batch sizes, which led to an opaque pricing structure. Moving forward, our new model provides easy-to-understand flat pricing for every tier and product.

  • Reward consistent top performers – We didn’t forget to add a proper structure for rewarding top-performers. Every tier leaves room for consistently larger rewards!

If you’re as excited as we are, sign up today for more information and be one of the first to take advantage of our new prices (coming soon)!

Ngan Ton
San Francisco, CA Website
Tech enthusiast, cat lover, bookworm, and Content Marketing Manager at GearLaunch