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How to Make Good Customer Service Great

Posted by Ngan Ton on Jul 15, 2016 4:04:00 PM

What would you consider as the most valuable asset to your business? Does your awesome product come to mind? Is it your phenomenal team? Or perhaps it’s your amazing shareholders? While these answers aren’t wrong, and are more than likely responses from many business owners, it’s a reflection on how much more we all need to think about our customers

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How to Use Social Proof to Boost Sales

Posted by GearLaunch on Apr 5, 2016 10:02:00 PM
Social proof is one of the most powerful marketing techniques that can easily boost your sales, build consumer trust, and increase your online store's influence and power.
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3 Tips to Successfully Design on GearLaunch

Posted by GearLaunch on Nov 11, 2015 11:41:00 PM
Sometimes designs on a computer screen vary from when they're printed on a t-shirt. To make sure we're all on the same page, here are 3 tips to successfully design on GearLaunch.
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