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Tips to Make Any Design Look Good

Posted by Ngan Ton on Jul 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM
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We’ve discussed in length the different ways to get your products discovered, but we can’t miss the component that becomes critical once your product is successfully discovered–your design.

Every part of your design matters. Awkward fonts or unflattering colors can seriously hurt your conversions. Use these tips to make any design look good.

Bold is Always Better


Designs can often look great in its digital format, but then appear illegible or bland when displayed on a product. Thin text or small patterns and details can hurt your design's legibility once printed. For guaranteed visibility, make sure to use bold fonts and patterns.

Less Is More

Minimunm Colors

Designs with a basic color palette can have tremendous impact on the success of your designs. Our research shows that 47% of the merchandise from our top 100 campaigns featured two colors or less.

One popular printing method is the halftone process (used to create a gradient effect). When using halftones, it's best to keep the style consistent and avoid mixing a continuous tone gradient into the design.

Feature Contrasting Colors

Contrast 1Contrast 2

Another factor that affects your design's visibility is color. When the main colors of your design blend into color of the medium it sits on, your design immediately becomes difficult to view. To avoid this, use contrasting colors to make your product really "pop.”


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