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5 T-Shirt Brands with the Best Instagram Marketing

Posted by Ngan Ton on Mar 24, 2017 11:30:00 PM

Need to know the specifics tactics to successful Instagram marketing campaigns? Look no further!

In a recent post, How to Sell Apparel on Instagram in 2017, we covered the importance of having a comprehensive strategy when it comes to driving sales through Instagram and the specific steps required to developing one. The guide garnered a lot of interest from many of our readers for a deeper dive into the details of a successful Instagram campaign – which brings us to today’s post.

We’ve briefly touched upon the foundations of a successful Instagram campaign – active posting, interesting content, engaging with users, recruiting influencers, etc. – so rather than create a longer list of guidelines, we’ve put together a list of 5 t-shirt brands with the best Instagram marketing and highlighted how they’ve stitched together various tactics to engage and earn more customers.

We hope you’re ready to get inspired!

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How to Sell More T-Shirts in the Off-Season

Posted by Ngan Ton on Mar 15, 2017 9:29:00 AM


A quick guide to planning promotions beyond the winter holidays

Online business owners know that plenty of sales opportunities exist outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas. In fact, experienced business owners strategically plan seasonal promotions throughout the year in order to amplify brand awareness and maximize sales.

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How to Sell Apparel on Pinterest

Posted by Ngan Ton on Mar 10, 2017 8:26:00 PM

A complete guide to driving store traffic and increasing sales with Pinterest

We hope our last post, How to Sell Apparel on Instagram in 2017, drove home the point that developing and abiding by a solid strategy can turn social media into incredibly powerful tools for driving store traffic and increasing sales. And it certainly holds true beyond the realms of Instagram. Another heavily visual platform with plenty of promise for ecommerce businesses is Pinterest.

Originally a wishlist-like platform, Pinterest has grown into an inspiration and shopping destination for many of its 150 million monthly active users (Pinterest, 2016) – users who are not so easily acquired by quick hacks or spammy tactics.

Effectively marketing on this social platform will require more than pinning every item from your store. Let's go over how to sell apparel on Pinterest. 

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How to Sell Apparel on Instagram in 2017

Posted by Ngan Ton on Mar 2, 2017 9:56:00 PM

A complete and up-to-date guide to generating ecommerce sales through Instagram

Instagram has come a long way since its debut in 2010, growing from the awkward platform that sat somewhere between Facebook and Twitter to today's potential marketing powerhouse. Have you grown with it?

The social media platform’s recent upgrades has the ecommerce crowd turning heads. With notable features such as Library, Business Accounts, and Shoppable Ads, Instagram joins its parent company (the ad-savvy Facebook) in enabling businesses to reach 500 million active monthly users in a natural and noninvasive manner.

For perspective, Instagram was used by just under a third of U.S. brands with 100 employees or more in 2015. Fast forward to this year and that number is expected to increase by 70.7% (eMarketer). If that’s not a call for ecommerce business owners to mobilize, we don’t know what is!

Start with this guide and learn how to sell apparel on Instagram in 2017. 

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3 Ways to Get Employees to Market Your Brand

Posted by Ngan Ton on Feb 22, 2017 6:17:00 PM

Every business should strive to establish a strong brand. Why? For many, a stronger brand can fetch premium prices. For example, consider the number of consumers willing to shell out the extra dough for a pair of Prada sunglasses when plenty of similarly designed options with the same functionalities are available for a fraction of the price. A strong brand can even carry a company through tough economic times, gain the upper-hand in business negotiations, recruit top-notch talent, and much more. The benefits of a strong brand are immense and, most importantly, they all contribute to your bottom line.

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How to Set up Facebook Page Shop Sections to Increase Sales

Posted by Ngan Ton on Feb 16, 2017 2:07:00 PM

Are you ready to drive more sales through your Facebook Page with a new-ish shopping feature?

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How to Create Facebook Ads That Sell T-Shirts

Posted by Ngan Ton on Feb 8, 2017 1:32:00 AM

As of December 2016, Facebook is home to an average of 1.23 billion daily active users, making it highly likely that an interest group exists for your t-shirt. Combined with Facebook’s ad targeting capabilities, finding them has never been easier. The challenge most marketers face with Facebook advertising is actually converting the interest groups.

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6 Tips for Marketing Your Store Online this Valentine's Day

Posted by Ngan Ton on Jan 31, 2017 4:41:00 PM

For the majority of the US, tomorrow marks the first day of February. For online marketers, tomorrow marks the 14-day countdown to the hugely commercialized Valentine’s Day. We're not kidding – in 2016 alone, the National Retail Federation reported total Valentine’s Day spending across America reached a record $19.7 billion.

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Getting Started with GearLaunch

Posted by Ngan Ton on Jan 5, 2017 12:27:00 AM
As an online merchant, you understand the hassles of ecommerce can be costly and take up a lot of time: finding quality wholesalers, managing up-front expenses, forecasting production, handling fulfillment, providing customer service... and that’s only the start of the list. The logistics and financial responsibilities alone can quickly become overwhelming.
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3 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Big Benefits with Google Analytics

Posted by Ngan Ton on Dec 9, 2016 12:30:00 AM

Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful insights tool for ecommerce businesses to track, analyze, and optimize their tactics based on behavior data from site visitors. In previous posts, we have guided you through implementing GA tracking via Google Tag Manager (GTM), as well as setting up marketing campaign tracking.

In this post, we share three ways businesses can gain insights from the use of GA, setting a solid foundation for your analysis. This is by no means a comprehensive guide on using Google Analytics for an online store, but rather a primer to start utilizing your GA account.

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