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6 Easy Ways to Build a Social Media Following in 2020

Posted by Stacey Bishop on Jul 7, 2020 8:00:00 AM

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When you are first getting started with your social media marketing, it can feel impossible to build a true following online. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the options and strategies you’ll find all over the internet but we’ve found a few strategies that are always successful and will help you start building your following on social media.

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Understanding your Store Metrics with GearLaunch

Posted by Stacey Bishop on Jul 1, 2020 8:00:00 AM

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When it comes to creating a successful store, understanding your metrics is key. It will help you understand what products and campaigns perform well, where your customers are finding you online, and help you make important marketing decisions.

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August Trends Report

Posted by Stacey Bishop on Jun 23, 2020 8:30:00 AM

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August is a unique month without any major national holidays in the US, however, there are still plenty of opportunities for marketing and sales. Consider marketing for fall or back to school which is relevant all month long. Whatever your strategy, there’s never a shortage of possibilities. Here are a few awesome marketing ideas and strategies you can use for your August campaigns. 

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The Complete List of Emails That Every Ecommerce Business Needs to Send

Posted by GearLaunch on Jun 15, 2020 1:00:00 PM

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The last thing consumers want in their inbox is more spam. Sending the wrong email will nearly always guarantee your business a permanent place in your customer’s spam folder or even the dreaded "unsubscribe." Sending the right email, on the other hand, can result in more site traffic and more sales. While it’s important to create a good email it’s also important to meet customer expectations. 

Here's a complete list of emails that every ecommerce business needs to send along with a few best practices.

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5 Easy Tips for Successful Designs with GearLaunch

Posted by Stacey Bishop on Jun 9, 2020 8:00:00 AM

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Sometimes designs on a computer screen don’t look the same as when they are printed on a t-shirt or other products. There’s nothing worse than an unhappy customer because your design didn’t print the way they thought it would.

We have put together 5 easy Tips to help you create successful designs in your GearLaunch store.

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How to Find and Design Popular Print on Demand Products

Posted by GearLaunch on Jun 2, 2020 11:17:00 AM

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You have awesome design ideas and want to start selling products online, but maybe you aren’t sure where to start. One of the biggest benefits of a print-on-demand business is the minimal risk involved because you don't have to stock inventory. 

You may be asking yourself: “How do I get started? How do I find the tools and directions I need?”

The tools you need are all right here on GearLaunch — customer service, product sourcing, and fulfillment. These are three of the biggest pain points when running an ecommerce business and GearLaunch takes care of all three of them for you so you can focus on growing your company and building your brand.

When you are just getting started, you’ll need to know where to find inspiration, how to design for your audience, what products to sell, and what to do if you aren’t a designer and need to hire a freelancer to make your ideas come to life! 

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July Trends Report

Posted by Stacey Bishop on May 26, 2020 8:00:00 AM

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By July, summer is in full swing! The weather is warm. People are outdoors and it’s summer break for kids everywhere. While temperatures may be sizzling, you may be worried about your sales withering. Don’t worry! We have some holiday inspiration for your awesome print on demand business to keep your sales going strong all summer long!

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4 Copyright and Trademark Guidelines For Your eCommerce Business

Posted by GearLaunch on May 19, 2020 10:27:26 AM

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Disclaimer: Although we are knowledgeable on certain legal aspects of an ecommerce business, we are not lawyers. This information is intended to inform and keep you aware of general guidelines. If you have any questions outside of the scope of this article, we recommend doing additional research on your specific concerns or consulting a lawyer for more information.

When you start designing for your ecommerce business, you need to be aware of copyright and trademark rules and guidelines. Copyright and trademark infringement can lead to hefty fines, penalties, and losing profits. GearLaunch takes design theft and IP (Intellectual Property) claims seriously. We hope that through education, we can help prevent problems your store may otherwise face. In addition, we remove stolen designs and shut down stores within our platform when necessary.

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10 Easy Steps to Design the Perfect T-Shirt

Posted by GearLaunch on May 7, 2020 11:23:24 AM

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Coming up with the perfect t-shirt design is guaranteed to maximize your profit as a seller on GearLaunch. First, it's important to think about your target market. What are their traits, likes, or interests? Once you've familiarized yourself with your target market, it's time to start designing. It's always best to develop your own signature style and always remember to keep it simple!

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New Video tools for Facebook Marketing

Posted by Stacey Bishop on May 5, 2020 8:15:00 AM

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Facebook is always changing and updating their platform. Now, more than ever, businesses need new ways to connect with their community. Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a few new features that will roll out soon. Here’s what you need to know about these new tools.

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