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How to Sell More Online This Father’s Day

Posted by Ngan Ton on May 21, 2018 9:00:00 AM
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When it comes to revenue, Father’s Day lags behind Mother’s Day. One reason for the difference may be that Father’s Day shares the limelight with graduation celebrations that also occur in the month of June, causing many to split their gift budgets between dads and grads. Mother’s Day, on the other hand, is celebrated with little competition in the month of May.

In 2017, the NRF projected Mother’s Day spending would reach a record $23.6 billion while numbers for Father’s Day would reach only $15.5 billion. Father’s Day spending has some catching up to do, but it’s actually a record in its own right and has continued to show growth over the years. All it needs is you!

In this guide, we’ll break down how you can sell more online this Father’s Day. First, we’ll share ideas and inspiration on what to sell, then we’ll show you how to get the word out. By the end, you should have a good idea of how you can help consumers show their father figures a little more love this June.

What to Sell

Dads come in all shapes and sizes with tastes and hobbies that vary just as greatly, making Father’s Day a great opportunity for niche retailers to shine. If you’re not a niche retailer, appeal to the different stages of fatherhood instead of interests or hobbies. Try these examples on for size:

The New Dad

New moms get a lot of attention on Mother's Day, but sometimes new fathers can be forgotten. Capture this exciting stage in a dad’s life with fun matching outfits.

How to Sell More Online This Fathers Day - New Dad


The Adventure Dad

With all the exploring and activities, nobody needs to stay hydrated more than adventure dads. As a bonus, add your best dad joke for a real hit.

How to Sell More Online This Father’s Day - Water Bottle

The Granddad

As he becomes a granddad, the days of handmade cards also become obsolete. Instead, surprise him with a gift for his favorite adult beverage, then share a drink over some good ole quality time.

FireShot Capture 57 - Gertrude Beer Stein I Zazzle.com_ - https___www.zazzle.com_gertrude_be

The Millennial Dad

Millennial Dads are not necessarily new dads, but they’re definitely young dads. That means the traditional tie gift may not be the best option. Ties, though still worn at formal events, are no longer an everyday item that millennial dads will need dozens of. Try an ironic tshirt instead.

How to Sell More Online This Fathers Day - Tshirt

How to Sell It

Now that you have some idea on where to start, let’s get to the different ways you can promote these creations.

Exclusive Offers: Draw customers in with Father’s Day themed discounts. Reward loyalty first by creating exclusive promotions (e.g. 20% Off, Free Shipping, etc.) for your email subscribers and social media followers. Then, customize a different discount for your ads.

Gift Inspiration: Shopping for Dad shouldn’t be a frustrating experience. Unfortunately, this is the case for many of your shoppers as they try to find the perfect gift.

Alleviate this unnecessary pain by creating a featured category called “Father’s Day Gift Ideas” or “Top 10 Gifts Dad Will Love” to inspire your customers. Remain helpful by including relevant category and product descriptions and clear product images.

Upsell/Cross-Sell: Every father has a mini-me. Whether the child is 3 months or 30 years old, there’s always an opportunity to match with Dad. By recommending matching dad/child items, you’re saving your customers time and offering them a more thoughtful gift.

Email Reminders: If other holidays are any indicator, the majority of consumers will wait until the last minute to begin shopping  This makes it critical for you to stay on top of their minds through a series of emails so that when they are ready to purchase, your store is the first one they go to. If you need a refresher on the perfect email, check out "The Perfect Ecommerce Email Layout."

Here’s a sample email campaign:

Email #1: Announcement

This first email introduces the exciting news and tells the reader about your offer. In your subject line, make it clear this is a special Father’s Day email. For example:

The Best Gifts for the Best Dad

Be Dad’s Favorite

Make Dad’s Day

For GearLaunch Partners, your promotions should be time sensitive for on-time arrival. This actually works in your favor to create a sense of urgency. Feel free to include that in your subject line or the body.

Because Dad’s #1: 20% Off for a Limited Time

This Weekend Only: Deals for Dads

In the body, remind them that Dad’s day is just around the corner and provide a few recommendations that you know will be hits. GearLaunch Partners, because your creations run as campaigns, emphasize their uniqueness. For example:

You’ve given him handmade cards, You’ve given him cologne. You even caved that one year and gave him a tie.

Do something unique this year and get something only available for a limited time:

Email #2: Reminder

This second email reminds readers of your promotional offer. Your email will be one of many promotions readers receive, so serve them a reminder just in case. You can use one of the subject lines from above or try one of these:

ICYMI: 20% Off Gifts for Dad

Don’t Miss Out on These Deals for Dad

Email #3: Last Chance 

Send a final reminder about your offer ending. This is an urgent email, so make sure to add that in your subject line.

20% Off Father’s Day Sale Ends Today!

Last Chance to Shop the Father’s Day Sale!

Your final email should be short and sweet. Reiterate the offer, the expiration date, and how to claim it.

Key Takeaways

Regardless of the gap between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day spending, there’s still plenty we can learn about consumer shopping habits and preferences from Mother's Day. According to experts at MarTech, who gathered data from more than 2400 online retailers, there are 4 key trends that can help boost Father’s Day sales.

  • Mother’s Day sales peaked closer to the holiday 

Sales peaked one week before Mother’s Day, with the most popular day for shoppers to buy on a mobile device happening just one day before the holiday.

Takeaway: While it’s important to plan and launch your marketing campaigns in advance, your sales might not pick up until the days leading up to the actual holiday.

  • Email re-marketing was most effective the week before Mother’s Day

Open rates for re-marketing emails peaked the same day that sales were highest.

Takeaway: It’s important to send more than one email.

  • Abandonment rates spiked in the days leading up to Mother’s Day 

Sales may have been highest in the week leading up to Mother’s Day, but so were cart abandonment rates.

Takeaway: Preempt cart abandonment by offering discounted or free shipping.

  • Tuesdays were the least popular shopping days, and Saturdays were the most popular

Data showed that shoppers used weekdays for browsing and research, but waited until weekends to actually make the purchase.

Takeaway: Run 24-hour promotions on the Tuesdays leading up to Father’s Day to increase weekday sales. Since shoppers are already more inclined to buy on the weekend, send reminders to shop instead of discount offers.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Now get out there and win Father's Day!


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