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How Each Generation Will Get Gift Ideas This Holiday

Posted by Ngan Ton on Sep 26, 2017 3:41:25 PM
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While endless options exist for consumers in search of gift inspiration, the channels that one generation trusts may be near nonexistent for another. For example, 44% of Gen Z shoppers turn to Instagram while only 2% of Boomers report doing the same. 

Together however, 40% of all shoppers share the resolution of going straight to the recipient for the answer. The other 60% relies on other various sources that really highlight the differences in how each generation will get gift ideas this holiday.

Each Generation’s Use of Digital Media for Gift Inspiration

Each Generation’s Use of Digital Media for Gift Inspiration.png


Digital channels not only provide shoppers with a means of gift inspiration, but their expediency also opens up plenty of opportunities for impulse buys as customers are browsing gifts for others. Younger generations, specifically Millennial (66%) and Generation Z (71%) shoppers reported making significantly more impulsive purchases than older generations; 68% of Hispanics, 54% of men, and 52% of those with household incomes below $35,000 said they did so as well.

Action Plan

1. Curate best-seller lists.

The NRF reported strong interest from shoppers (63%) for wish-lists to guide their holiday shopping. However, unless you already have a system implemented, deploying a registry or wish-list component won’t be the easiest route. Instead, craft curated lists based on your bestsellers and recommend them to shoppers or enable sharing capabilities so gift recipients can easily share products with their gift givers from your store.

If your shopper is a Millennial or Gen Z’er, explore whether it would benefit your store to work with a social media influencer to curate recommendations in the form of wish-lists.

2. Create limited-time offers.

Most shoppers procrastinate during the holidays, driving a considerable portion of holiday sales within the two weeks leading up to Christmas. This can create big problems for businesses when it comes to inventory and shipping capacity. Encourage better behavior by offering limited-time sales. The sense of urgency will coax hesitant buyers out of waiting until the last minute in exchange for a good deal.

Additionally, limited-time offers are perfect for targeting impulse buyers. One of the best means to encourage impulse buys is to base the item on products a consumer has clicked on or purchased in the past. Re-target these items at them as limited-time offers via multiple channels (e.g. display ads, email, social media, etc.).

3. Hone in on the perfect email.

NRF survey data revealed that more than 50% of shoppers indicated that they prefer email notifications. Your business will have to approach email strategically for any hope of standing out. Brush up on how to create the perfect email if you have time.

4. Start early.

Planning and executing your strategy early will help you avoid the mistake of simply reacting to competitors’ promotions during the holiday season. Having the time to set a slow and steady cadence to the messages and promotions you share will also reduce the risk of burning out your customer base.

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