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Gifts to Offer for Administrative Professionals' Day

April 07, 2017 0 Comments

Administrative professionals are indispensable. They manage logistics, documents, and inventory – ensuring the workplace runs like a well-oiled machine. Ironically, the better an admin professional performs their job, the less likely you are to notice them. That's why we informally dedicate April 26th to celebrating their hard work.

Businesses and organizations that celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day will typically give their administrative staff gifts or rewards as a token of appreciation. Whether your business participates or not is ultimately your business, but we do encourage that you seize this opportunity to offer unique and targeted gifts at those who do celebrate (managers and bosses).

Here are a few ideas on gifts to offer for Administrative Professionals' day.

1. T-Shirts

Opponents of Administrative Professionals' Day often criticize its gendered history - the holiday itself was originally called "National Secretaries Day" when the majority of secretaries were women. With the majority of admin roles still held by women today, this element remains a relevant topic. However, that doesn't change the well-meant intentions of the holiday and the bosses who choose to celebrate it.

All of these considerations set t-shirts up to be one of the best gifts for bosses to give. Unlike flowers and chocolates, traditional Admin Day gifts, t-shirts can be thoughtful and useful without assuming gendered undertones.

2. Mugs

Where most gifts either fall into the bucket of utility or sentimentality, mugs are one of the few options that can offer both. With the right message, bosses can gift their admin employees a meaningful gift to use everyday.

3. Posters

Because they're an item the entire office can enjoy, posters are the perfect gift choice for bosses or managers who wish to acknowledge their administrative professionals in a more casual manner.

Launch your Administrative Professionals' Day campaigns today!

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