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Getting Started with Dynamic Ads

January 24, 2017 0 Comments


Dynamic ads are a fantastic way of showing your products to Facebook users who have visited your store previously. Using your Facebook pixel to track the traffic of customers navigating your store, you can target certain products to Facebook users depending on different types of navigation on your site. Dynamic ads can only be created using Business Manager. For more details and how to set up dynamic ads, follow the steps below:

1. Upload a product catalog


A product catalog is a collection of products you want to advertise using Facebook ads. Items include a product ID, name, description, landing page URL, image URL, availability, etc. Use this document as an example to create your own product catalog:

2. Set up your Facebook pixel


You can choose to show your dynamics ads to audiences that take a particular action on your site. For selling on GearLaunch, you can chose to show your ads to audiences who:

View a product
Add a product to the cart
Purchase one of more products

Grab your pixel code in your ad account (Tools > pixel), enter the action you want to track, type in the product IDs you want included in the action (example: tracking when users add your top selling t-shirt to the cart).

3. Set up your dynamic ads


With dynamic ads, you can create an ad displaying all your products with a carousel, or just a single item. You can use keywords to pull up your product images, descriptions, and prices. Ads can be shared across mobile, desktop, and tablet.

4. Launch your ads!


The final step is launching your ads with your product catalog and selected user actions. Ads will automatically be filled with corresponding product prices and information from the catalog, which means little implementing and processing to make adjustments!

*Images property of Facebook

Nicholas Graham
San Francisco