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GearLaunch India: Event Highlights

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

The GearLaunch team recently hosted our first Delhi meetup, where we shared the latest ecommerce trends and best practices while showcasing leaders in ecommerce. Attendees got the rare opportunity to directly learn from and interact with business leaders and experts in a fun and social environment.

Here are highlights from the event:

Guest Speakers

We were honored to feature the very best of the best in business and marketing. Our featured speakers shared their professional experiences and inspired attendees to seize the many ecommerce opportunities growing in India. A big thank you from all of us!

Rajan Anadan: As Vice President, South East Asia and India for Google, Rajan is responsible for Sales and Operations in the region. He is focused on expanding the Internet ecosystem in South-East Asia and India, increasing adoption among consumers and businesses and accelerating innovation.

Sanjay Modha: Sanjay has built 3 e-commerce businesses, sells on Amazon and eBay with partners and suppliers in both the US and China. He’s been using Facebook Ads for the last 4 years and this has helped with massive growth in all his business ventures.

The A-Team

Our CEO and GearLaunch's Head of Business Development, Thatcher Spring and Mike Schell respectively, also stepped in to detail how GearLaunch continues to provide our Partners with superior service and support in their pursuit of success, no matter the size or location of their business.

Thank you to everyone who attended for helping make the meetup a success. We can't wait to come back for round 2!

If you missed out on the event, but would still like to join our growing community, get started with GearLaunch today!

Ngan Ton
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Tech enthusiast, cat lover, bookworm, and Content Marketing Manager at GearLaunch