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Formatting Your Graphic Designs

November 02, 2016 0 Comments

There are many variables that determine the successful sales of merchandise and apparel. One of the most overlooked factors is not just the kind of design you choose, but also the formatting. Using incorrect sizes and unflattering colors can tarnish an otherwise successful product. We have created a guide to help you discover the best choices to make when working on your GearLaunch designs.

Bold is Always Better

Designs can often look great on design software and in digital form, but then appear illegible or bland when displayed on a shirt or mug. Text that is too thin, in addition to small patterns and details, can make designs difficult to read when printed. For a guaranteed legible design, make sure to use bold fonts and patterns.

Minimum Colors Perform Best


Our research shows that 47% of the merchandise from our top 100 campaigns featured two colors or less. Designs with a basic color palette can make a tremendous impact on the success of your designs. One popular printing method is the halftone process. When using halftones (which creates a gradient effect), it's best to keep the style consistent and avoid mixing a continuous tone gradient in the design.

Feature Contrasting Colors

Nothing makes a design more difficult to read than prints that resemble the fabric color of the shirts or product background it is being featured on. Make sure to use contrasting colors in your designs to make your product pop to potential buyers. Testing your design on sample backgrounds will help minimize the uncertainty of colors the could be too close in similarity.

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Nicholas Graham
San Francisco