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8 Reasons Why Your Facebook Page Isn't Converting

Posted by Ngan Ton on Mar 31, 2017 4:39:00 PM
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Not too long ago, Facebook Pages were simply an easy means to connect with fans and share announcements. Today, Facebook Pages are an opportunity to convert visitors and acquire leads. In other words, your Facebook Page can be a powerful business tool.

Are you finding this is not the case? We’ve compiled several common reasons why your Facebook Page isn’t converting along with the appropriate actions you can take to change that. With a few strategic tweaks, you can make your Facebook Page work better for your brand.


First and foremost, your Page has to be easily accessible – for both search and discovery. Start by creating a clear Facebook Page name. This can be as simple as the name of your business.

Contrary to your marketing instincts, this is not the place to inject relevant keywords and phrases. Keyword stuffing on Facebook is typically a spam flag and will only bring the legitimacy of your Page into question. Additionally, also avoid adding unnecessary characters to your Page name.

Keep your Page name clear and simple.

2. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/69598708

Another accessibility element is your vanity URL. When you first create your Page, Facebook automatically assigns it a random URL such as the one above. Upon completion, you will have the option to set a custom URL or “username.” You can only do this once, so choose carefully.

Each username can only be claimed by one person. In the case your business’s name has already been taken, choose a username that best reflects it instead.


Visitors should be able to immediately identify your brand’s unique attributes and features. The Page profile image and cover image are two places where you can accomplish this upon the first impression.

  • Your profile photo appears in two places: search results and the actual Page. Therefore, it’s good practice to use your logo as the profile image.

  • The cover photo only appears on your Page, but it’s also the first thing many visitors will see due to its placing and prominence. This image doesn't necessarily have to include your logo but you should feature something relevant to your brand and business.


Part of your fans converting is as simple as you telling them exactly what to do. The purpose of your Page’s call-to-action button is an instruction that tells visitors what to do. Facebook offers several options ranging from signing up to making a purchase. Remember to choose the CTA most relevant to your fans.


Facebook Insights provides helpful data on your Page’s performance. In addition to audience demographic and levels of engagement, Insights also offers metrics on individual posts such as reach and engagement action – information that will help you optimize content you post in the future.


One way to quickly lose your audience is repeatedly posting the same type of content. It’s not only boring but it also tells your audience that you don’t care about them. Diversify your content in form and function.

Do you consistently post only images? Try mixing in videos and gifs. As for creating content that engages your audience in a different way, take this 3-faceted approach: educate, excite, and entertain.

  • Educate: The right content will resolve a question or concern.

  • Excite: Exciting your fans start at the headline. However, that’s not to say you should lie or overdo it with clickbait. Your headline should excite people enough that they read the post.

  • Entertain: One of the reasons why content goes viral is because of humor. People love to laugh, including your fans. So, where appropriate, provide interesting content with a humorous take.  


Connecting with your fans on a deeper level is important because it establishes trust, and trust encourages commitment to your company.

Connecting deeper means more than just sharing content to your Page and hoping it garners engagement – it means creating a 2-way street for communication. This affects many reflects in many aspects of your Page such as response time to messages and comments or asking questions to encourage their opinion.


Fans are more likely to remain committed to you and your Page if they feel like they belong to a community. And communities are grown when audience members who share an interest (you!) connect.

Every post you share is an opportunity to establish this connection. Take advantage of it by asking a question and encouraging fans to talk about their opinions.

A less obvious benefit of a community is word-of-mouth advocacy. Once your fans become involved and engaged with your community, they’re more likely to recruit their friends or share your brand.

Word of mouth is powerful. According to Nielsen, 77% of consumers are more likely to purchase a new product if they learn about it from friends or family and 92% of customers trust recommendations from friends and family members more than any other form of marketing. Your fans have the potential to drive this

If you want your Facebook Page to convert, you have to continually reward the people that follow it by providing great content and building an engaged community. There are countless ways to do this so we hope the list we’ve put together is only the start for you.

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