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5 Elements of the Perfect Product Description

Posted by Ngan Ton on Jun 6, 2018 6:18:00 PM
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Is your product’s description compelling enough to sell itself? Are you enticing your audience with benefits or simply describing the features? The secret to product descriptions lies in making your customer feel great about about their purchase before they’ve even made it. 

Follow these steps:

Know Your Customer

Contrary to belief, your product descriptions need to be customer-focused, not product-focused. You need to know your target consumer inside and out. What makes them laugh, cry, or buy? Also consider the content they like to read and the types of sites they visit. All of this will help you understand how to engage them. the right tone of voice that will engage her.

Turn Features into Benefits

No one understands your product like you do. No one, especially new visitors, will understand the features like you do. Potential customers are more concerned with how the product benefits them. How will this product improve how they feel or what they? What problems will it solve? Go beyond just listing facts and start telling visitors how those facts benefit them.

Be Brief

You can probably talk on and on about your product, but the product description should not be the place to try it. Utilize what you learned from step 1 to craft content using tone and vocabulary that appeals to your potential customer, but keep it short. Hook readers with your headline, then use bullet point to attract attention to key points.

Write and Rewrite

Now try your hand at putting everything together. Your first draft may be rough around the edges but that’s what second and third drafts are for.

Optimize for Search Engines

This step should only be used if it doesn’t detract from your content. Consider using key phrases in headlines, body, and images.

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