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3 Tips to Successfully Design on GearLaunch

Posted by GearLaunch on Nov 12, 2015 12:41:00 AM
Sometimes designs on a computer screen vary from when they're printed on a t-shirt. To make sure we're all on the same page, here are 3 tips to successfully design on GearLaunch.

1. Know the best Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop settings for print.
The first thing to do when creating a design is to set your workspace to RGB color. You can do this on the "advanced" menu when you create a new document or by clicking "document color mode" in the File menu. The difference isn't noticeable on a computer, but it is best for our printers. This will help your print look as sharp as possible.

We've analyzed thousands of campaigns across our platform and gathered the most popular design colors. If your design contains one of the colors below, please use the hex code listed to ensure the best color print. 

Orange: ff9700
Forest Green: 00711e
Hunter Green: 008066
Apple Green: 00c100
Light Pink: f180ff
Hot Pink: ff00fe
Aqua: 00ffbc
Grey: 808080
Deep Jungle Green: 00d679
Navy Blue: 001f84
Royal Blue: 1c4ff2
Dark Purple: 5e24ff

2. Upload artwork in .PNG format.
Always upload artwork in .PNG format with at least 300dpi. To create a clean and professional print, ensure that anti-aliasing is turned off.

The minimum art size requirement for GearLaunch is 2400px to 9400px wide.

3. Make sure your design colors are consistent.
If you upload your design to GearLaunch and the system detects more colors than the naked eye, scan the design to make sure all the colors are consistent.

More often than not, it's possible that more than one shade of a particular color is present on the design.

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