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10 Ways to Build an Effective Email List

Posted by Ngan Ton on Jun 15, 2018 5:40:00 PM
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There has been plenty of debate over the effectiveness of email marketing, with many chalking it up to a waste of time. This is simply untrue. Those who find email marketing ineffective may be doing it incorrectly by purchasing email lists or simply sending irrelevant content.

Users who opt into email lists are more responsive, more connected to your business, and more likely to purchase from you. This means every subscriber is a win, whether you’re gaining one per week, one per day, or one per hour.

If you have yet to work on building your email list, or you've run out of ideas, here are 25 simple ways to do so.

1. Make it easier for your subscribers to share emails they like. Include share CTA’s in your email.

2. Run a contest or giveaway and have entrants include their emails at sign-up. Increase their chances of winning when they share the contest with friends.

3. Take advantage of your company’s email signatures and add a link that leads prospects to a landing page where they can subscribe.

4. What are issues that your customers face frequently? Provide helpful information in the form of an offer and require interested visitors to provide an email before they can download it.

5. Use your social media outlets to promote existing giveaways or lead-gen offers.

6. When guest blogging, encourage readers who may be interested in reading more of your content to subscribe to your blog. Remember to link to a form where they can submit their email addresses.

7. Collect emails at live events such as trade shows or speaking engagements.

8. Not planning on attending an event? Host your own (e.g. meetup, hackathons, lunch and learn, etc.), and collect email addresses at registration.

9. Encourage any prospects currently receiving direct mail from you to opt in for email communication instead.

10. People subscribe to read more content when it’s awesome, so create amazing email content. You can curate cool content from around the web, but preferably tailor your content to the popular stuff that initially got you the sign-ups.


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